Bringing Kosher to Eastern Iowa

Currently, we offer a small selection of frozen meat and poultry products.

In-stock items include:

Brisket Corned Beef (sliced): $4.99 a 6 oz. package

Brisket Pastrami (Sliced): $4.99 a 6 oz. package

Chickens, cut up: $8.99 a chicken

Chicken Breast (cutlets): $10.99 a package

Ground Beef: $6.99

Hotdogs: $4.49 Pkg.

Minute Steak: $9.49 a package

Smoked Turkey Breast (Sliced): $2.49 a 4 oz. package

The Kosher Co-op is housed in the Chabad House at 420 E Jefferson St., Iowa City, IA 52245. To buy something, contact Chabad and arrange a time to stop by. You can call Chabad at (319) 358-1323 or email

In addition, thanks to the generous staff and drivers of Integrated DNA Technologies, you have the option of ordering additional kosher items from kosher stores in Chicago.

Call or email for more information. We are glad to help!

The Kosher Co-op is a not-for-profit store. Our goal is to make it easier to keep kosher in Eastern Iowa. All proceeds are used to expand our inventory and organize other Jewish activities in the community.

The Kosher Co-op is a project of Chabad of Iowa City.